Eighth year

In 2013, we continued the effective management and use of previous projects including all of our “production projects” (chickens, vegetable garden, textile unit, bakery and so on), the prevention house and the Casa de Bristol volunteers’ cabin and medical centre.


In addition, we:

  1. Set up a 3,000 strong quail farm
  2. Supported more older children through vocational training (bringing the total to 14)
  3. Further developed the carpentry workshop
  4. Involved more children in our English teaching programme
  5. Funded a new room to be used for psychology and group work at the girls’ welcome house (stage 1 of building work)
  6. Provided feed for a herd of cows at the aldea
  7. Paid for a part-time Doctor to work at our on-site medical centre
  8. Financed the salaries of the houseparents who work at the welcome houses
  9. Supported the carpenter and the head of livestock at the aldea
  10. Raised awareness of the plight of the street children in the UK and elsewhere by speaking to a large number of groups, organising events and attending meetings with the Bolivian Embassy and British Parliament