Ninth year

In 2014, we:

  1. Provided funding for essential maintenance and major refurbishment of the boys’ welcome house
  2. Financed the salaries of houseparents and production projects’ staff (carpenter, baker, head of livestock)
  3. Supported more older children through vocational training
  4. Involved more children in our English teaching programme
  5. Ensured continued effective use of our “internal-consumption projects” of the chicken farm and bakery
  6. Consolidated and grew our “income-generating production projects” including the quail farm, carpentry workshop and textile unit
  7. Raised awareness of the plight of the street children in the UK and elsewhere by speaking to a large number of groups and attending a variety of high-level meetings
  8. Organised a number of events, including a couple of fundraising concerts, many talks and a presentation at the Latin America Charities Forum.