Thanks to YOU!

We want to take a moment to say the biggest Thank You to every single person involved in our Alalay story over the past 14 (!) years.

Our amazing volunteers: you have checked our kids’ teeth and eyes; painted murals on their walls and helped them keep their bedrooms tidy; walked them to school every day, spent hours on homework and taken them to the Doctors when they are ill; cooked them the biggest and best cakes; taught them the wonders of cricket, Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu, Zumba and rugby; discussed politics and shared music with them; run interactive workshops on healthy relationships; patched their wounds, taught them basic hygiene and how to wash their hands properly; spent hundreds of mornings/evenings in drainage canals talking to kids still on the streets; danced, sung, played football, painted, played, drawn, run around, laughed and cried with our kids; been jumped on, learnt so much and given a million piggy backs…

You have offered these children your time, talents and most importantly, your love.

Our wonderful supporters: you have jumped from ‘planes (with a parachute!); painted yourself purple and walked around school for the day; run marathons; cycled many thousands of miles; offered your talents at music nights and concerts; baked cakes and sewn bags; spent many hours on “Whack-the-Rat” and praying for our work; dressed in crazy costumes; helped at/bought items at stalls and sales; stuck together hundreds of Christmas cards; poured freezing cold water on your head; waxed your legs in front of hundreds of classmates; slept outside in cardboard boxes in the rain; climbed mountains; heard me (and others) speak; and told hundreds of other people about our work…

To you all: We salute you. We thank you.

We could not have done any of this without YOU.

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