Alalay kids graduate in time for Christmas!

It’s always so exciting when someone from the Alalay family fulfils their dreams and takes another step into adulthood, and with so much uncertainty across the World right now, we were even more pleased than usual to get some positive news from Bolivia.

We are thrilled to announce that two of our Alalay family have passed their final exams and “graduated” from secondary school, just in time for Christmas! The two students have worked incredibly hard throughout their school years, even having to move to virtual learning during the pandemic. It felt therefore even more special that representatives from their Alalay family and close friends/family were able to join them on the day. And in the aldea (out-of-town centre where all of the children are currently living in one “bubble” due to COVID-19) a big celebratory lunch was organised so that everyone could join in the celebrations. A truly memorable ocassion and something towards which the younger (and/or newer) children can aim.

In line with our child protection policies, we’re not revealing the names of the young people, but we are of course, super proud of them and all that they have achieved so far… and very excited to see what they will do next! 🙂

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