COVID-19 and Alalay: latest newsletter and worldwide rainbows

We are still receiving beautiful rainbows of hope, solidarity and support from around the World thanks to some of our younger supporters 🌈 Here’s some from Australia, Dubai and Belgium.. We thank you all!

Our latest newsletter (downloadable by clicking HERE) tells you much more about how the Alalay kids and staff team are coping with COVID-19 thus far. You can always catch up with our previous newsletters HERE.

In an update to the newsletter, according to the latest figures (19 April) from the Bolivian Ministry of Health, Santa Cruz is currently the worst affected region in Bolivia with 290 confirmed cases (for comparison, 133 have been confirmed in La Paz region and 61 in Cochabamba region). The lockdown continues. 33 people have already died in the country.

We continue to be in constant contact with Alalay and will keep supporters updated.

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