COVID-19 and Alalay: thank you

COVID-19 continues to spread in Bolivia and specifically Santa Cruz (where our children live) – with 19 deaths in the region yesterday (15 August) and 59,505 current cases in the country as a whole (current statistics HERE in Spanish). There is a major blood donation push to ensure enough blood is available nationwide for treatment of those who become ill. We are extremely pleased to report that currently all of our staff and children remain well.

In these difficult times the Alalay family recently sent us some brilliant videos to tell us about the new measures they have put in place to protect themselves from the virus. We will share these with our supporters over the coming weeks, but for the meantime we leave you with this lovely message – thanking Friends of Alalay for our support thus far.

We could not have done it without you!

It is our first time doing subtitles and creating a new YouTube channel, so please excuse the slight glitches! We will learn 😃

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