Are there 10 million street children in the World… Or 150 million? And why does this matter? Does COVID-19 change anything?

Find out the answers to these questions and many more, by watching the following video, recently recorded for the UN Virtual World Data Forum 2020. It offers a fascinating insight into how vulnerable children (like those living/working on the streets, alongside those in institutions or internally displaced) have become even more hidden and invisible in data, why this matters when looking at COVID-19 responses, and how better data can enable better policies at all levels.

“[…] for example, when we say that 91% of children are currently enrolled in primary school or […] when we talk about the 260 million children out of school today, street-connected children are not part of these figures, not even in the numbers that are out of school, they remain invisible altogether. Without data we are unable to plan for them and their unique needs, they’re simply left behind” (Lizet Vlamings, Head of Advocacy and Research, Consortium for Street Children)

In the coming weeks, there are numerous free webinars taking place bringing together a wealth of global experts to discuss street-connected children and the COVID-19 pandemic. If you have time, I would highly recommend attending!

On Wednesday 28 November, Dynamo International (Street Workers’ Network) is running four thematic webinars (English/French/Spanish) on the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on people in street situations: click here to sign up / find out more.

And 2 – 4 November, the Consortium for Street Children is running their annual network conference virtually, with sessions also linked to work during the pandemic, covering innovative approaches to children’s learning; mental health and wellbeing; discrimination; and government’s human rights obligations: click here to read the full programme / sign up for sessions.

Links to both will also be shared via our Facebook page nearer to the time so please follow us. One positive of the pandemic is that these sessions can now so easily bring together global experts and interested others into one space for real learning.

Do register – I hope to “see” you there!

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