THIRTY YEAR ANNIVERSARY of the Alalay Foundation!

The biggest FELICIDADES (Congratulations!) to the Alalay Foundation’s Founder / Director Claudia Gonzales and her incredible team who have helped so many thousands of children over the past thirty years. It was Claudia’s vision back in 1990 to offer street-connected children a home, love, family and education; and she continues to dedicate her life to them. Nowadays, Alalay supports over 1000 children each year – giving them hope for a better future. Only today we found out that a number of our oldest supported children have gained scholarships (from a prestigious Bolivian bank) to support them through University (more information coming soon!)

If you have a few spare minutes, I would highly recommend having a look at Alalay’s “Memories of Alalay” 30th anniversary website (released today) which features photos, testimonials and short videos from staff and children, past and present – including a fair few from Santa Cruz.

One of my most poignant testimonials was the following:

“Alalay I want to thank you for giving me back my hope, for allowing my heart to be reborn, for giving me a second chance… Today, thanks to your love and understanding and above all, to that hug from my Guardian Angel “Clau” [Claudia, Alalay founder], today I am a person who is eager to live… Thank you for getting me out of the cold, from the cruelty of society, thank you for being the light in the midst of so much pain. Alalay, my wish for you is that you continue to be the hope for the many children who are still on the streets not because they are bad, but because someone killed them while they were alive”.

Silvia Macias, Alalay graduate, La Paz.

… which quite simply, says it all.

Friends of Alalay is so pleased to have been part of their journey for the past 14 years… Here’s to many more, together!

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